Case Study


The Client Goal

Apriton Educational Advisors provides a full range of products and services to schools and colleges seeking to transform the career readiness of its students. Using Career Ingrained Learning, Apriton offers curriculum, staff training, project and guest instructor sourcing and management, as well as outcome measurement tools. Apriton saw an opportunity to evolve education by better coordinating between schools and professional guest lecturers from the business community. For instance, if you teach computer science at a local high school, how do you effectively bring in the owner of an IT company to help teach your JavaScript course? There appeared no way to facilitate the relationship between teachers, students, schools, and professionals to make education more dynamic. Nativ3 was charged with creating an application that would do just that.

How Nativ3 Blazed the Trail

Nativ3 began this process by analyzing how teachers usually facilitate these types of lectures. To make this a valuable process, we identified that the user experience on the application had to be simple. From a development perspective, Nativ3 would have to link up multiple parties through a complex search algorithm that would allow teachers to select guest lecturers based on topic, and allow guest lecturers to create curriculums within their area of expertise. If this application could be done well, it would STREAMLINE how schools bring in these dynamic teachers to give students real-world perspective in their education.

How Teachlink and the Pariton Team reached their destination

Nativ3 rolled out this application on time and within budget constraints to produce a phenomenal minimal viable product to put in the hands of teachers. The application is in a demo phase and Apriton not only has an opportunity to revolutionize how teachers and business professionals interact, but also profit from white labeling the application’s use in schools throughout the country. Nativ3 navigated this solution and made an idea COME TO LIFE.

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