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The Client Goal

NCU expanded several existing online programs including their Master’s in Strategic Leadership degree. To match this investment in new funnels, NCU also set aside budget for the digital marketing of these programs to generate leads for applications. That’s where NATIV3 came in.

Across these eight online programs, they were hoping to acquire 26 completed applications. Additionally, their on-campus Biology degree was also looking to expand its application numbers and so it was brought into the scope of work as well with its own dedicated budget.

NATIV3 was ultimately responsible for acquiring leads contact information by building and running the Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads campaigns, building the landing pages, the Pardot integrations, directing messaging and strategy, and crafting an extensive report after the completion of the campaign to identify audience characteristics for future campaigns.

How NATIV3 Blazed the Trail

Part of the unique challenge of these campaigns was the imperative to develop specificity for the target audiences in real time, meaning there were many pivots on both messaging and the details of the audience profiles. NATIV3 initially built out nine different campaigns in Facebook, each with three unique targeting sets, and an additional six search campaigns in Google Ads. Each of these campaigns was designed to reach people based on their likelihood to be interested in a specific major.

While this produced some success, the major takeaways were the demographics and behavior patterns it revealed, which opened up whole new targeting options. This pivot into pain-point messaging at high-conversion demographics was where the bulk of the success culminated, and it produced a lot of insights that will be carried forward into future campaigns. Additionally, the Biology campaign made use of a generous scholarship opportunity that, when paired with some truly eye-popping creative, opened up a torrent of highly-viable leads.

How Northcentral Reached Their Goal

With the goal of balancing lead acquisition against lead quality in order ensure NCU had the best chance of converting the leads, NATIV3 was able to accumulate 359 total leads across all campaigns over the course of four months.

This involved building 17 unique Facebook campaigns each with distinct targeting, containing 167 unique ad variations (not including Instagram story placements), 13 robust Google Search ads (with full dynamic creative and multiple call out sections), 27 different testimonials, and over 20 custom landing pages. This also produced an 18 page report with a thorough review of the conversion information, such as age, gender, and geographical location, to better drive future campaign strategy.

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