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The Client Goal

The Upper Harbor Terminal Redevelopment project was an ambitious initiative by the Minneapolis Parks Department. 

According to their website, “The redevelopment of the Upper Harbor Terminal (UHT) provides a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create a large-scale, community-building asset in North Minneapolis, grounded in a restorative approach towards racial justice that meets the needs, aspirations and priorities of the nearby residents. The redevelopment of Upper Harbor will connect North Minneapolis to the Mississippi River, create a 19-acre Northside riverfront park, build a Community Performing Arts Center and a Community Health & Wellness Hub, provide rental and ownership housing affordable to current North Minneapolis residents, provide opportunities for community ownership and bring 300 living wage job

With such a lofty project in its sights, the Upper Harbor Terminal Redevelopment Project needed a digital partner to help bring the vision to the public, garner buy-in, and ultimately showcase the benefit of this undertaking. 

NATIV3 needed to target a multitude of constituencies who’d have input on the project, employ different marketing tactics, and ultimately build goodwill for the project. It was necessary before they could even break ground.

How NATIV3 Blazed the Trail

NATIV3 consulted heavily with the team at the Minneapolis Parks Department to ensure that we were hitting the right message, targeting the right people, and running an effective campaign to win public trust. 

Our team employed a mix of heavy content marketing, targeted Facebook advertising, and Instagram advertising. 

NATIV3 helped build catered landing page experiences to attract users and convert them to project supporters, which ultimately helped add to the list of supporters Upper Harbor Terminal would keep in contact with about project updates and positive progress towards the end results.

The Results

The project was adopted and is currently underway. NATIV3 garnered thousands of new impressions and awareness of the campaign

Despite having solid opposition, NATIV3 was able to market to people who loved the project, hated it, and everyone in between, resulting in a DRIVING FORCE FORWARD in the community.

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