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The Client Goal

myEsthi needed a development partner to build their dream application. They chose our creative team at NATIV3 to ensure that their app would wow people upon launch. We were tasked first with building an Android application and then a subsequent iOS app. By the end, NATIV3 would regard this end product as one of the most pivotal projects we’ve ever done as an agency – a game changer in both our industry and theirs.

How NATIV3 Blazed the Trail

NATIV3 and the myEsthi team went through a thorough discovery process to ensure that we fully captured their vision both technically and esthetically. The application needed to do the following: allow video chat between a patient and esthetician, have an admin panel to allow for scheduling, possess the functionality for immediate purchases from users, and contain a sleek UI that makes the entire experience easy to access, easy to schedule, and easy to purchase from.

The Results

NATIV3 employed a wonderful mix of technology to ensure the application was beautiful, functional, and unique in the market. Nativ3 infused a complex stack of technology to create the best product imaginable. NATIV3 got to run the gamut of app technologies during this build:

The end product was a smash hit.

NATIV3 was a joy to work with. Their team is professional, kind, and formed a great relationship with us. The mobile app they built for us is top of the line. We couldn't be happier with them.

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Amber Budd

Entrepreneur, CEO

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