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Many use the term, but very few can claim to live in their subject matter, know it, own it, and, in fact, to be indigenous to it.

NATIV3 was formed by indigenous people of the digital world, who are well-equipped to help your business navigate its land. We are a Minneapolis-Based Digital Marketing firm, assisting business clients worldwide with their digital products, problems, and processes. Paying homage to our founder’s United Houma Nation heritage, NATIV3 was founded with the mission of being leaders in digital strategy and implementation who partner with small to medium-sized businesses to maximize their ROI in web technologies. With nearly two decades of experience, we provide custom solutions that pay dividends.

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We are a close group of creative individuals who believe that the right company culture is what enables us to stay creative, autonomous, and fun.

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The letter

Dear Reader

You are passionate about your business, the products and services you provide, and the customers you serve. Your message has an audience. We are are serious about those as well, and our audience is you. The services and strategies you read about here are the same techniques we use in-house. Truthfully, you’re probably reading this now because we’ve been able to effectively find you on the internet and draw you here. We take our own medicine.

We provide the mechanism to bring your message to your audience at the right time, through our suite of digital marketing services. Our firm is dedicated to serving our clients in an open and honest way, and we commit ourselves to your business’s success through the world of digital. Should you utilize our expertise for your business, you can expect a dedication, tenacity, and fearless approach to ensure your success. Your competitors are using digital to accelerate and promote their brand; we will outwork, outmaneuver, and outsmart their strategy. We know the land. We were born in it. We belong in it.

We are NATIV3

Jon Crappel

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