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The Client Goal

Pastor Ed approached NATIV3 with a vision for an organization called The Center of Addiction and Faith, that would help guide faith communities better respond to the problem of addiction. Unfortunately, without a well-designed website and online presence, CAF had no way of getting their message out to their target audience and potential donors. That’s where NATIV3 came in.

How NATIV3 Blazed the Trail

NATIV3 began the Development Phase by gathering relevant resources and stories from Pastor Ed. It was a thorough discovery, as NATIV3 needed to explore the target audience, resource needs, and design preferences of The Center of Addiction & Faith.

Our team needed to build a website that was simple to use, provided the appropriate resources for the people who needed them, and had an easy-on-the-eyes design that would make it the preferred resource-gathering site for people struggling with addiction.

The website itself had to be both simple for the user, but also for the CAF team to continually update the site with resources and information.

The Results

The Center of Addiction and Faith ended up with a one-of-a-kind product for their first website. The innovative design of the website provided an easy-to-use structure that made it easy for CAF’s target audience to access their important resources and information. NATIV3 is extremely proud of the work it did on the CAF project, and Pastor Ed and his team ended up with a resource that they will use to help people for years to come.”

I was struggling to find the help I needed to create this website. After two frustrating and failed efforts working with other developers who seemed to want force everything into their pre-designed templates, I discovered NATIV3. They listened to my vision, understood what I wanted and got moving. Their process was logical and efficient. Throughout the project they kept innovating and adjusting. I could not be more pleased and excited about what they created for us. It sure makes a difference when presenting this ministry to others when you have such a fine showcase for it.

The Center of Addiction and Faith - Nativ3 logoThe Center of Addiction and Faith - Nativ3 logo

Rev. Dr. Ed Treat


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