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The Client Goal

Super Squares is an app on the iOS and Android platforms. They had a number of guerilla marketing initiatives and ran radio ads for broad awareness, but needed a strategic partner to “crack the nut” on digital marketing app download generation. 

The goals were to get more quality app downloads from avid sports fans and gamers, keep the cost per lead acquisition small, implement remarkable creative assets that accurately represent the game, and help this game accumulate users.

How NATIV3 Blazed the Trail

NATIV3 was tasked with building a robust campaign that utilized Facebook, Instagram, Google App ads, and email marketing to execute and capture as many relevant users as possible. 

On the advertising front, NATIV3 created rich graphics, motion graphic videos, and product-based ads to reach the right audiences. Lookalike audiences and complex targeting were the second half of the equation. 

NATIV3 also had to navigate complex challenges like iOS14 targeting limitations and pivoted, in part, to Google ads. The challenge was great, the need for a massive amount of users was paramount, and NATIV3 had to develop a 6-month campaign that helped build a loyal fanbase who used the app weekly.

The Results

The campaign was a resounding success. 

NATIV3 generated over 50,000 trackable users on iOS and Android (iOS users were naturally understated because of the iOS14 changes). 

The average price per user acquired was under $4.20, and the real price was 50% smaller than that. NATIV3 continued an email campaign that gave users promo codes, kept them engaged, and helped prompt users to return to the app over and over again. 

The client was delighted, and Super Squares continues to be a leader in sports engagement games on their respective app stores.

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