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The Client Goal

Hyder Properties needed a custom application to help them organize all their filings and written relationships with Los Angeles County in a more efficient way. They needed a development partner to gather requirements, build the platform, and execute their submissions through this software. NATIV3 won the project because of our demonstrated success with such software.

How NATIV3 Blazed the Trail

NATIV3 began the development by gathering resources and every ounce of paperwork already done by Hyder Properties in filing their tax forms. It was a thorough discovery, as NATIV3 needed to re-think every process, every angle, and every consideration necessary in a normal filing process. Our team needed to build a platform that was easy to use, asked the right questions of their internal staff, and bullet-proofed the software. If paperwork was to be filed directly from the platform to local and state government entities, it needed to be flawless. The platform itself needed to both be simple for the user and adequate in the eyes of the government.

The Results

Hyder Properties received a one-of-a-kind product. The tax filings and the paperwork handled by the platform created a level of intellectual property that Hyder will be able to use for years. NATIV3 revolutionized the process of subsidized housing reimbursement and tax filings; both the software and the process will be replicated across county and state lines.

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