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The Client Goal

Life365 needed to launch an incredible digital presence to reach their customers. A website and a comprehensive, targeted marketing campaign were needed to guarantee success.

How NATIV3 Blazed the Trail

NATIV3 began the Life365 engagement by building them a website. The website needed to be catered to Life365’s audience, implement a buyer-funnel approach, and integrate the site with their proprietary CRM system. That website turned out beautifully and accommodated new leads well. Once the site was launched, NATIV3 took the project to the next phase: generating purchases directly through the website. Our team began developing a strategy that incorporated nationwide digital targeting through Facebook, Instagram and Paid Search. We needed to leverage demographic targeting, professional creative, and emotional appeal in order to promote Life365’s unique services. The results turned out better than Life365 had ever expected.

The Results

Life365 got millions of impressions, hundreds of thousands of clicks, and revolutionized their business in the course of 6 months. Most importantly, Life365 garnered over 2,100 paid appointments through the website and received a 4:1 return on investment.

NATIV3 utilized creative elements, remarketing, and microtargeted social media ads in order to turn Life365 into an in-home photography lead generation behemoth. Digital marketing and a website that was lead-focused won the day for this growing photography studio.

NATIV3's team answered messages day or night. We felt comfortable knowing that we could reach them at any time. We wanted to move quickly, and NATIV3's project management style allowed us to do so.

Life365 Portraits - Nativ3 logoLife365 Portraits - Nativ3 logo

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