Case Study

IDEAL Immigration

The Client Goal

IDEAL Immigration is a DC-based 501c3/c4 organization dedicated to reforming our immigration laws in the United States. According to their website, “Immigration Designed to Enhance American Lives (IDEAL) supports the Workforce Visa Act.” They developed a 7-plank policy plan around legal immigration, brought on a board of advisors, and began congressional relationships to move their policy forward. What their team needed was a way to both build a grassroots movement and influence legislators digitally. That’s where Nativ3 came in.

How Nativ3 Blazed the Trail

Nativ3 built a comprehensive inbound marketing and follow-up strategy – both with nationwide activists and legislative influencers. As part of a comprehensive digital marketing mix, Nativ3 began working on social media marketing, paid search, content strategy, and building out a powerhouse digital brand to drive this campaign forward.

The Result

The people spoke. The legislation was put in the hands of relevant Congressional leaders and the bill garnered both new authors and several supporters. A huge reason why: the digital results over the course of a 6-month campaign. Across all campaigns, we garnered nearly 10,000,000 impressions, a regular reach of 2,000,000 people nationwide who care about immigration issues, tens of thousands of email opt-ins from activists who contact their legislators regularly, and hundreds of interested staffers/legislative influencers. Nearly overnight, IDEAL became a FORCE in immigration circles. Their proposal today is the model for legal immigration issues – in large part because of Nativ3’s digital efforts on this project. We grew social following immensely, getting over 14,000 Facebook likes without running a “Like/Follow” campaign.

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