Project Description

MN Coupons

Web Design | Digital Marketing

The Client Goal

MN Coupons is the digital product for Dollars & Sense, a Minnesota based coupon advertising company. They came to Nativ3 with an antiquated and incredibly-slow website. Dollars & Sense advertised for their clients in a number of different venues – including a monthly coupon book mailed to over a million homes in the Twin Cities metro area. Although they’ve traditionally been a print-based coupon business, both Nativ3 and Dollars & Sense saw an opportunity to better leverage their online presence to help advertisers showcase their business.

Hand holding black iPhone
Black iPhone and iPad on white background with drop shadow

How Nativ3 Blazed the Trail

In order to prove the concept and keep the initial costs low, Nativ3 deconstructed the old MN Coupons web application and began building a digital asset that would serve as both an online coupon book and attract potential advertisers. To make a website that had the appropriate functionality needed to seek out, purchase, and download coupons – while also balancing the messaging of their unique target audiences.

Black iPhone and iPad on white background with drop shadow

How MN Coupons Reached their Destination

MN Coupons launched their website, which doubled as an online tool to download coupons. Nativ3 appropriately built their site structure to reduce their site load speed by over 90% – despite the abundance of coupons on the site. Nativ3 built out a system for Dollars & Sense to easily upload, manage, remove and change coupons at their will – empowering them to have a digital coupon asset that added immense value to their company.