Project Description

The Client Goal

KINKY Beverages is a parent entity over several large liquor brands such as KINKY Cocktails and KINKY Liqueur – among others. KINKY came to Nativ3 seeking a redesign and consolidation of all their brands into the one, unified, KINKY Beverages website. The website was to have several interactive elements that matched their fun and frisky slogan, “Tomorrow’s Stories Start Tonight®”. The site was to also have a comprehensive tool to input, manage, and search for a large database of their KINKY recipes. On top of all that, the KINKY site needed to have a separate portal for their trade partners – who use the website to get sweepstakes, discounts and order information. This was a giant undertaking and we were privileged to be a part of it.

Our Role in the Project

Jon directed a design team of graphic artists and frontend developers to create a Javascript animated homepage. This allowed the website to be an interactive, fun experience. Upon loading the site, you’d scroll over different icons that represented each specific color of the KINKY Brand. The scroll would trigger movement on the site, which required a deep dive into user experience and the site’s capabilities. Jon also needed to interpret their database of recipes, match them with high-quality images facilitated by the creative team at KINKY and create a tool that would allow users to easily find the recipe their looking based on a number of drink factors.

How KINKY Beverages Reached their Destination

At the end of the day, KINKY got an amazing digital asset developed. The site saw an organic traffic increase of over 3000% from the redesign and deployment JUST from having better page structure, a unified brand, and better user experience. The comprehensive recipe tool on the site was cutting edge in its algorithmic and filtering process, and can now house over 10,000 recipes. The KINKY Trade Page also allowed for KINKY’s vendors and partners to easily access their relevant materials. All in all, KINKY expanded their online footprint through have a comprehensive web development strategy from Nativ3.