Project Description

Catalyst ECR

Web Design | Digital Marketing

The Client

Lori Moen, the owner of Catalyst Group ECR, has been bringing energy and charisma to the business world for over 35 years. Her foray into business coaching gives her the chance to lend insight and expertise to business leaders hoping to broaden their horizons and find success through accountability, goal setting, and working with peers to find new solutions to unique problems.

Macbook computer with white background showing Anduzzi's website

The Challenge

Anduzzi’s old website did little to communicate their passion for their business. The design was outdated and needed a more modern design. Through that design, Nativ3 wanted to share the features that were most important to our client in an intuitive interface that was user-friendly for their customers.

Macbook computer with white background showing Anduzzi's website

Solution & New Features

Nativ3 started with the code and worked out with the aesthetics. Throughout this process, we stayed in close contact with the client, ensuring that everything that we did was in direct correlation to what they expected from their website. One of the top priorities was highlighting their specials and live events, where customers could quickly access information.

Anduzzi's Sports Bar webpage