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Facebook Events: A Beginners Guide to Setup

Facebook Events: A Beginners Guide to Setup

Have you caught yourself on the verge of bursting out singing “A Whole New World” while you are working on your Facebook events advertising plan?

Ok, maybe not. You might just feel lost in the jargon of pixel, events, and remarketing. Taking one step forward, then feeling like you are 5 steps behind.

Money, Money, Money

Perhaps you feel like the more you explore Facebook advertising, the less you know? Do you feel like you have a basic understanding of the different components, but are having trouble connecting it together cohesively? You are not alone. It is a new day.

While Facebook is not your guaranteed ride on a magic carpet to business success. There are simple ways to smoothen your ride to sustainable and measurable growth.

We have talked before about choosing Facebook ad objectives and the Facebook Event Tool Now it is time to take a practical look at how you combine your ads and events to result in more money in your bank account.

Facebook Events Defined

Before we talk about the practical ways to use your ad spend to promote Facebook events. Remember, the events we are talking about are not the traditional shindigs with a date and time. Does your business host seminars or concerts that you want to promote to your Facebook audience? Cool. There is a great way to utilize Facebook to promote those kinds of events, but that is not what we are talking about today.

The event promotion we want to talk about is the action and strategy to measure conversions, optimize, and build audiences, aka customer bases. To be clear, the event we are talking about is the activity that occurs on your website. It is time to learn more about how to connect your advertising dollars to customer actions.

A Plan for Measured Action

On a basic level, here is what you need to remember: Facebook events is the mechanism to measure results, optimize for conversions, and build audiences.

To prevent an “Okay, Houston, we’ve had a problem here” moment, you must have your pixel operational. A pixel does not work retroactively. The only way to optimize your ad spend and events is by having your pixel installed correctly.

Assuming you have your pixel and ad account set-up, let’s develop a simple plan for how you can utilize both tools to grow your business. As the adage goes, “what gets measured gets managed.”

Here are 4 steps to help create a plan to connect your ad spend with the events you want to measure.

Step #1

Take a look at the 17 standard Facebook events. Choose the top 3 that you believe will be the most impactful for your business.

Step #2

Begin with the end event in mind. Make sure your ad has a clear call to action or promotion which matches the event(s) you are measuring. Running ads to generate leads and increase your email list? Make sure you are running events accordingly. Don’t forget to test.

Step #3

Monitor your events. What does the data tell you? Are prospective customers clicking your ad, adding a product to their cart, then abandoning the order? If you have a product-based business that is running ads, that is an example of what you should be looking for and seeing in your data. As a different example, maybe you are a non-profit that is trying to build awareness, raise money and grow your email list. There are events that you should be tracking for that.

Step #4

Evaluate and retarget. Don’t stop at the point of just seeing numbers on a dashboard. Use that information to adjust and reprioritize. By being intentional with your ad dollars and data, you will be able to effectively convert your audience faster and more efficiently.

More Than Magic

If you only take away one thing, remember, seeing results from your Facebook advertising is not a one-step process onto a magic carpet. There are a lot of possibilities. There is no question that you should be intentional about making a connection between the advertising money you are spending and actionable results you can easily measure. Experiencing success does not have to be a “find a needle in a haystack” expedition.

If you feel like you are still missing something, please reach out. Whether you want someone to create a comprehensive plan for you, or want help going to new heights, our Facebook experts are ready to help crystalize your Facebook advertising goals to ensure you are entering a new world of wonderful results.

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