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What is the Facebook Event Tool?

What is the Facebook Event Tool?

After living through 2020 does the word “event” make you shudder? Or maybe you hear the word “event”, skepticism washes over you, and you start assuming it is digital. Maybe you immediately guess the event is canceled?

In the world of Facebook, the most important “events” for your business is not what you typically think of as an event. There is no specific date. No specific number of people gathering. The Facebook event that matters most to your business is related to tracking conversions on your website. In this case, events are actions people take on your website. Adding an item to the shopping cart, for example. The information gathered through events can bring incredible value and focus to your retargeting and overall marketing efforts.

Events Equals Efficiency

The Facebook Event Tool helps you take advantage of all the benefits of your Facebook Pixel without adding any code. Hallelujah! Of course, you always have the option of manually installing code or using a partner integration, but we’re trying to keep it simple. If your website has built in integration with Facebook, this step-by-step guide is not for you. If you have a website and Facebook Pixel installed on the website, keep reading.

The tool has taken the technical work out of the process. Now, with a handful of clicks and keystrokes, you can optimize for more conversions. Hello, dollars. Basically, events help you glean even more specific and accurate information from your visitors and potential customers. It is a no-brainer.

Once you launch the Event Setup Tool you can do the following:

  • Setup a standard event (there are 17 options!) without adding code
  • Establish value and currency parameters without adding code
  • Streamline dynamic ads by creating content ID and content type parameters for view content, add to cart, initiate checkout, purchase, search, add to wish list and lead events without adding code

Set-up Simplified

Let’s get started using the Facebook Event Setup Tool. While 10 steps may seem like a lot, it really is simple. If you run into any snags, reference this troubleshooting guide or contact our 24/7 Digital Hotline.

Are you logged into your Ads Manager? Ok, good! Here we go!

  1. Click Events Manager
  2. Select your Pixel
  3. Click Settings
    Go to Event Setup and click Open Event Setup Tool
  4. In the space provided, type your URL and click Open Website. This will officially launch the Tool in your browser.
  5. The Tool will automatically suggest events to track. Click Review, decide if you agree, and click Confirm or Dismiss
  6. If there are events you want to add that are not suggested, don’t fret! You can add those by navigating to the button or page you want to add and click Track New Button or Track a URL and follow the prompts. As a cautionary note, when you set up an event on a button it adds it to all the same or similar text on your website. Also, if you change the text on your button or page that is connected to an event, you need to update the event so it fires properly.
  7. Choose an event
  8. Determine the parameters for your event
  9. Click Finish Setup and voila! You created an event.

Bonus step: Test your event to make sure it is firing correctly! The last thing you want to happen is let time pass and see nothing in your Events Manager for your new event.

Adding to Your Toolbox

Undoubtedly, utilizing events will help you know more about your customers, identify new opportunities for engagement, and ultimately close the sale. If you want to level up your Facebook integration and have someone else take care of the nitty-gritty, drop us a note or give us a call. One of our experts will help you fine-tune your website and make the most of your online opportunities.

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