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Brittany Jeyaseelan

Project Manager

After spending more than a decade on the campaign trail and working in state government, Brittany Jeyaseelan has developed a passion for building client relationships and helping them tame their digital landscape. 

As a project manager, Brittany’s duck-like approach to life– always appearing calm and steady, working like mad just under the surface– helps her deftly handle any task that’s placed in her highly professional hands with poise and tenacity. 

Like most of us here at NATIV3, Brittany’s beverage of choice is coffee, going so far as to say that if she could invent a holiday, a steamy cup of joe would be the topic of the celebration.

When she’s not at NATIV3, she spends her time traveling and training to become a private pilot. She’s been to all 50 states and 17 countries but doesn’t plan on stopping her trek around the world anytime soon. 

Brittany is married and is looking forward to adding a dog to the family soon if anyone has breed recommendations.

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