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Molli Kelly

Content Strategist

Despite her insistence that she loves “to play video games and just vibe,” content writer Molli Slavin spends very little time doing either, as she operates at a frequency that can only be described as chaotic. That being said, it’s the fun, productive kind of chaos. 

Molli went to the University of Arkansas, where she earned her Bachelor’s in English and her Master’s in Education. She’s spent the last five years trying to teach 12-year olds about thermodynamics as a middle school science teacher, which really shows the kind of dedication she has for hurling herself into seemingly hopeless tasks and coming out with at least passable results. 

When she’s done wrangling 6th graders, she pursues her second passion of competing against Google to see her content climb the search engine rankings because, as the great philosopher Ricky Bobby’s Dad once said, “If you ain’t first, you’re last.”

In her free time, Molli genuinely does enjoy playing video games and vibing with her boyfriend and their petting zoo that includes Sgt. Beans the axolotl, Dr. Harris Bonkers the rabbit, Tallulah the Husky, Bonnie the mini Aussie, and Roublét the Dachshund.

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