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Jon Crappel


Having spent most of his professional career working in technical fields, Jon has honed his craft in web wizardry over the past decade. He loves what he does and wouldn’t be doing it if he didn’t. He is passionate about using technology to impact life and business – his and that of his clients. Jon is also passionate about Gumbo (and most other foods), so don’t be surprised when he invites you to lunch.

Jon is married to Teri, and they have five kids together – Jonas, TJ, Johanna, Jon II, and Kenirose. In addition to being a digital native, he’s also a Native American from Louisiana. In 2011, Jon packed up his family, moved to Minneapolis to go to school, and upon his graduation in 2014, decided to stick around. He is delighted to call Minneapolis home.

Jon is a member of the United Houma Nation, which in part is why we’re called Nativ3!

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