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Project Description

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The Client

14Moves is a Real Estate Franchisor with Keller Williams Real Estate. They approached Nativ3 to help build out a process that delivered more leads and a better cost per lead than what sites like Zillow and Trulia could offer. They had experimented with social advertising prior, but with these main listing sites delivering $25-$40 buyer leads, they knew there could be a better way. After giving thorough research to Facebook’s tool for Real Estate API tool, Nativ3 began to develop a plan to integrate their internal CRM system, digital advertising, and ultimately, driving new buyer leads to their agents in 11 different markets.

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Facebook Leads

How Nativ3 Blazed the Trail

Nativ3 began to develop a formula that direct integrated Facebook lead ads, directing them through Zapier and ultimately distributing the leads amongst their agents. Nativ3 handled each one of these processes for the client. Nativ3 began learning about what made buyers tick through social media and employed a complex “buyer-squeeze” technique for attracting high quality leads to specific listings. This technique employed Facebook radius targeting manipulation around a given listing property. The results were staggering.

The Results

Within 3 months of employing Nativ3 to generate buyer leads, 14Moves saw unimaginable results: within the Forest Lake, Coon Rapids, Otsego, and Rochester NY markets, Nativ3 began driving new leads at the mere cost of $2-$3 PER LEAD. These were new leads, fresh leads, hot leads that agents could follow up on. Nativ3 was driving nearly 200 leads per WEEK in some cases. Agents got critical information from these leads, such as name, email, phone number, and the property interested in. Nativ3 built out a process so that the leads were distributed evenly amongst every 14 Moves Agent. Nativ3 developed a comprehensive Facebook marketing solution that not only distributed leads at a 5% cost, but also helped distribute the leads to agents with nearly a 60% closing rate. Facebook is the future for realtors, and Nativ3 helped prove it.

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