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Minneapolis Web Design Requires an Artistic Touch

Minneapolis Web Design Requires an Artistic Touch

For anyone fortunate enough to spend some time in the Twin Cities, it’s hard not to notice the incredible art scene that finds its roots in environments both high-brow and low. The stunning architecture of the Guthrie Theater provides a contrast against the prolific graffiti that has come to represent the voice and passion of Minnesotans. The people of the Minneapolis-St. Paul area are proud of the renaissance of theater, gallery, culinary, and street art that we’ve had in recent years, to the extent that some are still debating the rumor of whether we can boast about having the second largest number of theater seats per capita. And whether or not that particular gossip is true, it’s hard to deny the allure and vibrancy of creativity that our home has to offer.

Of course, like our Twin Cities brethren, NATIV3 appreciates the value of combining technique with aesthetic. Sure, we’re web developers, but we’re also web designers. We know that our community has been raised on a diet of artistry, and expect the same from the businesses and websites that they frequent. NATIV3 puts the time, energy, and flair of the Twin Cities art scene into every website we create. Minnesotans are experts in understanding the impact that the right balance of color, moving imagery, and persuasive words can have on our enjoyment of our everyday life, and we wouldn’t dream of giving them anything less. After all, you wouldn’t feed Gordon Ramsey a frozen dinner or present Vincent Van Gogh with a garish nightmare of clashing colors. So, why would we give our own clients anything less than best?

The Proof is in the Pudding (and the Coding)

When we dive into any website that needs a makeover, we put ourselves in the shoes of the client’s customers. And because we know that many of our client’s customers hail from a metro that celebrates art, we strive to design sites that are masterpieces in their own right. Take, for example, our work for Elux Marine:

This innovative company was started by two friends who wanted to create a marine vehicle that allowed buyers to enjoy the splendor of our natural lakes with a fresh, quiet, and trouble-free electric boat. The brand is one of luxury and relaxation, meant to remind customers of sunny days and cold drinks. That’s why, when designing our color palettes, we went with cool blues and soothing, toned-down silvers. While the nature of the brand is futuristic in its technology, we wanted to temper that idea with something more familiar and comfortable. We also wanted to showcase the natural art that our own backyards have to offer, so for photos, we went with backdrops that showcase the exact reason Minneapolis-St. Paul is celebrated for its water recreation.

Another example is the work we did with the Zaffke Plumbing site. As you can see in the before and after pictures below, we wanted to make sure that customers who visited the site understood the value of the Zaffke crew’s expertise.

The cabin feature on the front page is both visually stunning and incredibly familiar to those of us who spend time in summer cabins. When the icy frosts of winter set in, our dream “staycations” can quickly become nightmares if the proper plumbing precautions aren’t taken before we head out for the season. We also spend a lot of time arranging the extensive amount of text with a balance of white space. Folks who don’t handle plumbing on a regular basis have a lot of questions about the services that are available, but we know that presenting customers with a wall of text is a one way ticket off the website. It’s overwhelming and not aesthetically pleasing. Instead, we created natural breaks, allowing the eye to be drawn in by the images and encouraged to continue on through the site with thoughtful content placement.

Of course, websites aren’t the only place where appearances are important. We spend just as much time ensuring that your social media posts are engaging, eye-catching, and informative. With North Central University, a Christian college based in Minneapolis, we wanted to encourage clicks with graphics that would stop folks mid-scroll. We get excited about ad projects because this is where art and science are particularly required to play nicely together in order for the marketing to be successful.

“A recent study from the Technical University of Denmark suggests our collective global attention span is narrowing because of the abundance of information presented to us. So much demands our attention that we can only focus on each new ‘trend’  for a short time.” The challenge, then, is finding a way to break through the noise of our Newsfeed with stunning ads that communicate a clear message beautifully.

Minneapolis Web Design with Twin Cities Flair

When you’re in the business of creating websites for the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, you’re tasked with blending style with substance in fresh ways. NATIV3 is always up for the challenge. Check out our portfolio for more samples of ways that we’ve blazed the trail for our clients to deliver their products and services to customers who expect the unexpected. Then, when you’re ready to create your own digital masterpiece, get in touch. We’d love to work with you designing a website that tells your story, beautifully.

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