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Why Your Flash Website Needs an Upgrade

Why Your Flash Website Needs an Upgrade

While Flash can create visually stunning websites and add interesting, dynamic elements, it’s a dated technology that has long since been surpassed by other, more impressive products. Simply put, if you’re still using Flash to draw interest to your website, you’re missing out on more appealing options. Still not convinced? Here’s 4 reasons why your Flash website needs an upgrade:

Its Security is Lacking

According to CVE, Flash has experienced 1035 vunerabilities since January 10th, 2017. In fact, Flash’s security is such an issue that popular browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome have disabled non-site essential Flash content in order to limit security issues. That means that your beautifully designed content may not even be seen by people using laptop or desktop browsers.

You’re Missing an Entire Demographic

It gets worse. CNBC reports that around 65% of American households have at least one Apple product in their home. This is up from 50% in 2012. Flash player doesn’t run on Apple devices, which means that your beautiful, dynamic website is being missed by a majority demographic. You’re now missing out on Google Chrome users, Firefox users, and Apple product users. That makes up a wide majority of every business owner’s customer base.

Better Products are Available

HTML 5 allows web designers to create products that are just as good (if not better!) than the content allowed by Flash, without the extreme downsides. You may already see instances of this at use when you login to a video streaming site or visit your favorite online store.

Flash Websites are Clunky

Flash takes major CPU power to run, causing issues with browsers and generally slow performance. It can cause crashes, unresponsive tabs, and other frustrating consequences. If your website doesn’t perform well for your customer, you may be hard-pressed to convince them to come back around. Giving them a shopping experience that is pleasant both technologically and aesthetically is possible without the use of Flash.

Finally, and Most Importantly: Flash Websites Are Not Searchable by Search Engines

Beginning in 2014, Google began issuing a warning to mobile users who tried to open a Flash website: “Uses Flash. May not work on your device.” Many users opt to find alternative options, instead of having to deal with websites that won’t even work. Google no longer even shows results for Flash websites, which means that all the work you put into your site with be for nothing. Simply put, Flash is done.

Ready for an upgrade? NATIV3 can help your site move into the 21st century with everything you need to give your customers what they want.

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