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Why An Intern or Employee Isn’t Enough for Your Social Media Marketing

Why An Intern or Employee Isn’t Enough for Your Social Media Marketing

The HMV mass-firing debacle. The American Apparel Challenger post. The DiGiorno hashtag fiasco. What do these all have in common? Employees without social media expertise causing massive issues for the company they were posting for.

It’s becoming increasingly common for companies to leave their social media brands out for the wolves, in the hands of interns and employees who can spur forth major problems with one click of a button. Whether done accidentally or purposefully, social media mishaps can have major, far-reaching consequences. What’s the solution? A social media marketing agency.

PR nightmares aren’t the only good reason to work with an agency. The cost-benefits of getting on with a bonafide social media expert are pretty impressive, and you can bet that no one will be tweeting about a human tragedy as a way to sell breakfast pastries.

Agencies Have Social Media Marketing in Mind

When you ask an intern or an employee to hold the reins of your social media platforms, you’re trusting someone who’s very unlikely to have the kind of marketing experience that’s going to make you successful.

While memes and GIFS are fun for the right business model, there’s a high level of knowledge required to ensure that your social media efforts are reaching their full potential. Knowing how to get tons of followers on a personal account is a totally different animal than garnering a following for a business account.

First and foremost, the main goal of social media is to convince people to visit your website. Tweeting about the cute dog at the office might get your a lot of retweets, but it won’t necessarily convince someone to buy something from you. Using a combination of creative content and social media posts, agencies can draw followers all the way down the path to purchase.

Our experts know the digital landscape

Agencies Are Typically Less Expensive

The national average salary for a social media manager is nearly $55,000 a year. Along with salary, you also have to consider benefits, training, office resources (like computers and phones), and the potential cost of employee turnover.

How long can you wait to hire a new social media manager if the other one quits? How much are you willing to bet that your new employee won’t accidentally post a personal tweet to your professional page? If they do, how much are you going to pay in restitution, PR image fixing services, and possible fines? Are you willing to train your new employee on copyright laws? Are you feeling overwhelmed by all these questions?

You can easily find a social media marketing agency willing to manage your social media for less than $30,000 a year. On top of saving a bundle of money, you’re getting a better quality product without all the worry. It really is a no-brainer. Working with an agency gives you better results for less money and less liability.

Agencies Have Their Priorities Straight

It’s not uncommon for a company to put social media as an “added responsibility” for someone with too much on their plate. Consequently, the designated employee pushes social media efforts to the back burner to focus on what they deem more relevant work. Now, you’re missing golden opportunities to market your company, and no one’s paying enough attention to notice.

When social media marketing is treated like a problem and not an opportunity, the value of doing it at all ceases to exist. Employees who are already working full time don’t have the time to send out well-structured social media posts, then analyze the data about potential leads, then put together lead emails, then follow up on those leads… etc, etc.

Social media marketing is a full-time job that requires full-time attention. It can too easily slip through the cracks, going ignored for days, weeks, and even months at a time in favor of work that’s considered of “more importance.”

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