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Why a Website Builder Isn’t Enough for Your Business

Why a Website Builder Isn’t Enough for Your Business

It’s tempting to build your own website. You may feel that the money saved by using a website builder could go towards advertising, payroll, or demographics research, and you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for. This is simply not true. Website development takes a lot of hard work and your time would be better spent focusing on running your business. A website development team, with the training and time to create your perfect website, would be better suited for the job.

Let’s start from a practical standpoint. A website development company with experience in the field would have web skills that you may not have timely access to. Oftentimes, the basic features on a website builder are not capable of creating the responsive website that you’re looking for. These online templates and modules are typically for people who are interested in running a small, personal blog or site. It is not appropriate for those who will experience heavy traffic and need to appeal to their customers.

Further, website developers often have access to other professionals that would be even more costly if they were subcontracted through several different contractors. For example, most website developers have a freelance writer on staff who can create customized, search engine optimized content. These writers are often under contract through the company and are held to a certain standard that meets the company’s requirements. Hiring your own freelance writer could lead to issues with efficient production and reliable service. Additionally, if you hire a website development company, your writer is included in the cost of the package that you choose. It’ll be one less expense that you’ll have to worry about.

NATIV3 can help you get started on building a professional website that you won’t be able to access with a simple website builder. Interested in entering the digital landscape in a big way? Contact us and share what you’d like your customers to see. We can help you get there.

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