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Website Development Series: Phase 3 – Publishing Content

Website Development Series: Phase 3 – Publishing Content

Website Development Series: Phase 3- Publishing Custom SEO Content

In a continuation of NATIV3’s series on website development, we’ll now pull back the curtain on the process of creating amazing content that draws readers to your site. This phase is where freelance writers and SEO-trained individuals come in handy.

One of the most critical parts of the website development process is creating amazing content that makes readers come for the information and stay for the product. This does not only include the writing that is on your individual pages, though the value of that writing cannot be underestimated. This also includes blog content.

Blog content is one of your main tools in driving potential customers to your website. These blogs are used in a two-prong approach that brings curious customers to your site, using social media and search engine optimization.

Blog content can be used for social media marketing by allowing customers who already follow you to do some of your marketing for you. By sharing your posts and leaving comments, others who trust the word of these customers are more likely to become interested in your product. It also allows you the chance to be creative in your marketing. From videos to Boomerangs, sharing your blog content doesn’t have to focus on the written word. In fact, custom SEO content is an excellent way to create draw to your website without the expense of typical advertising campaigns.

The other approach, search engine optimization, allows you to use frequently searched terms to get your content seen on search engines. While the rules and tricks can take a while to get used to, your web development team can help you find the perfect balance between incorporating key terms and producing beautiful content.

No matter which approach you prefer, NATIV3 can help you nail down the perfect balance between social media marketing and search engine optimization.

If you’re ready to pursue website greatness, to stand out from the masses, and to create something beautiful, functional, and fun, NATIV3 has your development needs covered. For more information on the process of website development, check out our ebook.

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