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Website Development Series: Phase 1- Discovery and Research

Website Development Series: Phase 1- Discovery and Research

Before we ever put our fingers to the keys, web developers have to pursue the information that will make your website happen. Coding is like the icing on a cake. Without a vision, a good cake recipe, and a successful execution of that recipe, frosting is useless. That’s why Nativ3 is excited to introduce you to part 1 of our 5 part series on website development. In this article, you’ll come to understand the process of setting goals and defining your vision.

Discovery and research usually takes between 1-2 weeks. During this time, Nativ3 will work closely with you to determine what direction your website is headed in. The most important aspect of this step is determining what your website will be used for. If you’re seeking out new clients, as well as providing information and resources for current clients, your website will look much different than someone who is seeking to sell a product. Perhaps you’re seeking to spread your message through blog-writing or offer advice to new moms in a forum. No matter what your purpose is, Nativ3 has the tools to achieve it.

The next step in the discovery and research phase of website development is setting attainable goals. Goals allow room to measure growth and create opportunities for celebration. This can be highly motivating for your business and your employees. Having a path in mind makes the bumps in the road a little easier to manage. If your goal is to bring in 20 new readers a week, there are resources to help measure that. Profit margins, customer inquiries, ad clicks — all of these goals are quantitative, and thus, measurable. Nativ3 can help you determine goals that are both challenging and attainable.

Finally, we will work together to determine your audience. A website for millennials is going to look and function much differently than a website for baby boomers. Without defining your target audience, your layout and design, as well as your functionality, is a moot point. It’s hardly practical to build in Instagram functionality to a website meant for geriatric care. Focusing in on the needs of your demographic is the final step that Nativ3 takes in the initial phase of website development.

If you’re ready to pursue website greatness, to stand out from the masses, and to create something beautiful, functional, and fun, Nativ3 has your development needs covered. For more information on the process of website development, check out our ebook.

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