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Web Developers and Designers Come Together to Create Beautiful, Functional Sites

Web Developers and Designers Come Together to Create Beautiful, Functional Sites

For those of us who are less tech savvy, hiring the right person to establish our online presence can be more difficult than for those who are knowledgeable about the online world. One of the first steps in closing that gap between the people who understand and the people who don’t is understanding the roles of two of the most important people in your journey towards crafting and online presence: the web designers and the web developers.

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Web designers are trained in the aesthetic of the website. They are often graphic designers who have a focus in web-based art. While most web designers have some knowledge of coding, they focus their energy on the art of a website. Your designers will usually have experience with photo editing, creating color palettes, and even designing the logo for your brand. Interestingly enough, part of their job is also putting together a typography palette that supports both the functionality and the aesthetics of the site.

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Web developers, on the other hand, focus on the work that goes on behind the scenes. Their skills lie in creating the code that makes a beautiful website. They are fluent in the coding languages, such as HTML and JavaScript. Unless your developer has also had training in aesthetics, you won’t be depending on them much for making your website look nice. Instead, they will spend their time crafting the backbone of your website, ensuring that all of the beautiful things created by the web designer are supported and functional.

When you’ve decided that your website is outdated or needs a makeover, the web designer and developer will have to work together to create all elements necessary for a successful website. The easiest way to assure that both parties are capable of working together is to hire out from the same company. In this case, it is likely that they have worked together before and can present you with a portfolio of their work.

Check out NATIV3’s impressive suite of services for those interested in taking their website to new heights. We offer services in design, development, and digital marketing. All of these come together to push your online presence forward to new audiences and potential clients.

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