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The Content Creator’s Process

The Content Creator’s Process

Like the wizard behind the curtain, your content creator exists to make your digital marketing dreams come true. While they can’t grant you courage, heart, or a brain, they can open the door for more website traffic. More traffic means more sales… More sales means more profit.

So, what is it like to be a content creator? How do they know what to write about? What’s the secret behind SEO? Let’s pull back the curtain a bit and reveal a few of the secrets of excellent content.

What Makes a Great Creator?

Not all writers are created equal. A writer that is suitable for an accounting firm may not be the best fit for a children’s clothing company. There are a few standards, though, that you should look for when you’re on the lookout for a writer:

  1. The best content creator for your business is going to be the one that writes in the style you’re seeking. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you can work with an agency that has a writer capable of working in whatever voice is required to get the job done.
  2. They have to have certain je ne sais quois. There has to be a boldness to their writing that transcends the topic that they’re writing about. Most people need a mechanic, but it’s unlikely that your customers are actually interested in investing deeply in understanding what your job is. Content creators take the information that you need to communicate, turn it “layman friendly,” and wrap it all up in a pretty package.
  3. Content creators have to be willing to research what they’re writing about. The chances of finding a writer who specializes in writing about the field that you’re in are slim to none. Most content creators are freelance writers who have flexibility and a willingness to put time into their research.

Content creators have to combine these traits into one ability to be approachable and welcoming with their writing, all while avoiding boring your readers. It’s no easy task, and it’s about to get even hard.

How Does a Content Creator Do Marketing?

Your content creator has to be more than a writer. They must also have acute knowledge of what goes into making Google’s alarm bells go off indicating that your blog posts, podcasts, PDFs, and ebooks are a good fit for the search term being used.

That’s no easy feat. It’s a complicated process that requires up-to-the-minute attention to details and an ever-shifting awareness of Google’s next big update. It’s almost like running on sand in flip flops. Everything always feels a little chaotic, but it’s possible to make it through with enough willpower and focus.

Using programs like Moz or Google Analytics, your content creator curates a list of possible “keywords” to write about. Typically, this involves plugging in words to the program that are relevant to your business. For example, if you run a flower shop, they might try “flowers,” “flower arrangements,” and “flower delivery.”

Obviously, those keywords aren’t going to be very useful to write about. There’s over 4 billion results when you type that “flower” into Google. Even the best content creator is going to have a hard time clawing to the first results page against such ferocious odds. Instead, they start to narrow down that list to more specific phrases that are commonly used in a search engine: flowers for Mother’s Day, tulip flower arrangements, or how to make a flower arrangement.

From there, it’s time to create interesting, engaging content that’s going to draw readers in. It has to have a distinct purpose, whether to entertain or inform, and it has to keep in mind SEO best practices. It can’t be boring. It has to be perfectly edited. Pictures have to be curated that catch the eye and match the topic.

Clearly, finding a content creator that is capable of ticking all of those boxes is no easy feat. That’s where working with an agency comes in. Professional digital marketing firms bring on the best content writers on the market to contract out with their company. In turn, the marketing company’s clients have access to a team of experts who would love to help you draw in more customers. It’s a win-win-win situation for all parties.

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