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The 5 Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO

The 5 Best Google Chrome Extensions for SEO

Google Chrome extensions can be a valuable weapon in your fight to achieve excellent SEO results. Sorting out the ones that actually work can be challenging, so we did some of the work for you. Here are 5 of our favorite Chrome extensions that help us make our web presence known:


The BuzzSumo Chrome Extension allows you to check real-time share numbers for any webpage that you visit. It will list the shares by social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit), as well as its “Evergreen score.” This is a proprietary scoring system that measures shares after a 30-day wait period to determine a page’s long term relevance.

Why is this information valuable? It can help you put together your own content calendar. It can help you analyze what kind of content is getting the most attention from people who are seeking out products and services just like yours. It can also help you identify major influencers and backlink to their websites, hopefully pulling in more shares on social media platforms through reciprocal mentions.

Google Page Analytics

Google Page Analytics gives you a range of information, including:

  • Metrics, including pageviews, unique pageviews, average time on page, bounce rate, and percent exit
  • Number of active visitors, in real time
  • In-page click analysis (where users click on that page)

What can you do with this information? The in-page click analysis is particularly useful. Often, users will leave a page if the navigation is unclear or not user-friendly. If you notice that a high percentage of people click on one area of your page that they shouldn’t be, you may need to reevaluate your layout or move the button you want people to press to that area.

Google Page Analytics is great for businesses seeking to restructure their pages and wanting data-driven results.

Link Miner

Backlinking is SEO 101, in which content creators link to other examples of excellent content in their own content. As links are taken down or revised, though, the previously viable URLs are now useless.

Broken links are a real nuisance to both website owners and the audiences that are using the site. A broken link can throw off a user that is searching for additional information on a product or service, and cause them to exit from the page to seek the information elsewhere.

Link Miner literally “mines” through your website, providing you with a list of backlinks that no longer have content on them. You can also analyze metrics of the links that do still work, and decide if they are getting enough attention to justify their presence in your content. It helps you make powerful decisions about your content.

If you use social media or give presentations, you’ve probably used to shorten your links. It solves the problem of word count limits on Twitter, and allows audiences to quickly access links that would otherwise take forever to type letter-by-letter.

The Chrome extension also allows you to analyze data about the links, such as how many clicks they received. When you click on any page on your website, the extension automatically creates a shortened URL. It also integrates fully with your account.


If you’re already a fan of SEO giant Moz, then the MozBar is a must have. It is your all-in-one SEO check tool that requires very little experience and is user-friendly for beginners. With this extension, you’ll get access to instant SEO metrics on your website or search engine results page.

You’ll see information such as how well your page is search engine optimized, the difficulty ranking of the keyword, and content suggestions for any keyword that you choose. MozBar comes with a robust range of SEO and content check tools that are required for anyone serious about making their website visible online.

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