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The Comprehensive Guide for Online Student Enrollment

The Comprehensive Guide for Online Student Enrollment

A FREE Resource to help YOU generate online student enrollment.

Attracting interest and getting enrollments is one of the hardest parts of starting up a new school. At NATIV3, we’re passionate about private schools! We’ve taken hundreds of campaigns and developed the ultimate process for getting new parent inquiries and, ultimately, new student enrollments to new and budding schools!

Learn the digital mechanisms and strategies that will…

  • Increase new parent inquiries and student enrollment DRAMATICALLY
  • Build your school’s brand in YOUR local communities
  • Rapidly build trust with parents and keep them ACCOUNTABLE to enrolling their children in your school
  • Grow the total number of enrollments through an automated DIGITAL MARKETING process

Private School Enrollments Online

We hope this resource blesses you and helps you get NEW students through your doors and into a quality education. FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW AND WE’LL EMAIL YOU YOUR FREE RESOURCE!

A major issue with new, startup schools is getting people to buy in and pay you a visit. The traditional ways of getting new students include word-of-mouth, mailers, visiting preschools, and door knocking are time- and resource-intensive. They can drain you of your capacity to create a vision or ACTUALLY TEACH STUDENTS.

Traditional marketing…

A typical direct mail campaign costs anywhere from 30 cents to $10 a person, once design, printing, and mailing is done. Your capital and marketing budget could be better used elsewhere and on more effective campaigning. Using any of the methods above you will eventually find the students you are looking for, but the effort will be massive and inefficient. Is there a better way to find these families with less effort, money, and time?

Let’s start getting new students. Fill out your information below and we’ll email you this resource IMMEDIATELY:

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