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PRESS RELEASE: Revive the Tribe

PRESS RELEASE: Revive the Tribe

RELEASE: Minneapolis Agency Makes Indigenous Communities Part of its Mission

Minneapolis, Minn. – July 1, 2019: NATIV3, a digital marketing and web development agency based in the North Loop Neighborhood of Minneapolis and Washington, DC, announced their #ReviveTheTribe initiative on Monday.

Taking inspiration from Co-Founder Jon Crappel’s United Houma Nation Native American heritage, #ReviveTheTribe aims to help non-federally recognized tribes and tribal governances work towards federal recognition through improved digital presences and communication operations.

As Crappel says, and as their introduction video states, “Tribes throughout the United States are suffering – the erosion of tradition impacts every reservation, every proud tribe. Added on to that: as resources get smaller for tribal governances, the ability to get federally recognized gets harder. Without that critical support, these tribes may disappear – their history and culture lost.

That’s why we’re dedicated to making a difference. Not just for us, but for a rich and seemingly-dwindling heritage indigenous to this great country.

From now on – for every digital service we provide, we’re donating a service to ensure the sustainability of indigenous Americans, their tribal governance, and their ability to thrive.”

With over 200 tribes in their outreach database, NATIV3 has committed to donating an additional digital service to tribes across the country. From donor-lead generation on social media to designing a new website to geofenced marketing campaigns, NATIV3 will design and offer service packages catered to tribes up to 10% of every new contract they sign in the hope that their services can help these tribes down the path of federal recognition. “Now, our clients not only get to experience the best in digital marketing and web development – but they can know that if they choose NATIV3, they’re also choosing a firm dedicated to improving the situation for hundreds of tribes nationwide. We’re a mission-driven agency.”

NATIV3 has been known as a cause-oriented digital marketing agency for the two and a half years they have been working for their clients. They are now making “NATIV3” more than just their name. They’re making it their mission. For more information or to get involved, please visit

Revive the Tribe Press

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