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The Power Of People On Multiple Platforms

The Power Of People On Multiple Platforms

If you think what happened with GameStop stocks across multiple platforms is not relevant to you or your business– think again.

Has your business or organization established an online audience?
Do you send digital updates to members?
Are you using multiple platforms?
Did you answer yes to any of these questions?

If you communicate with anybody online, there are helpful takeaways for you to consider right now.

What Happened

There is a story about the GameStop stock squeeze that few are talking about. The story of how a crowd of people across multiple online platforms coordinated efforts. There is a good chance history will regard the squeeze as a seminal moment for multi-platform movements. This is particularly interesting because we are living in the Big Tech era when these giants are continually trying to consolidate users and features, while everyday people are creating their own combination of tech services.

There are already book and movie deals swirling and eager to tell the story. Undoubtedly, there is plenty to talk about regarding the financial impacts, but there are powerful things to learn from the people behind the stock squeeze. More specifically, how they were able to work in such a coordinated effort. What most of the news is not focusing on is the incredible coordination on Reddit, communication on Discord, dissemination to the mainstream on Twitter, and functionally possible by various apps like Robinhood.

It is the multi-platform coordination we want to focus on, especially for you and your organization or business.

Three Takeaways for You

Stories of people using the Internet to disrupt industries and institutions is nothing new. As long as people are using the Internet, the possibilities and power dynamics remain. Most of us, are not running a hedge fund or Big Tech company that really motivates people to rally online to “fight for the little guy.” However, there are three considerations to avoid selling yourself short online.

Connection Power

With each passing day, there are improvements in technology. While technological advancement is important and arguably helpful for humankind, nothing compares to the power of human connection.

Doctors and scientists have known and studied this for decades. Yes, robot companions are possible these days, but still, the connection from person to person, neighbor to neighbor is unmatched. Especially on a large scale.

One of the takeaways from the “Reddit rally” is the power of a committed group of people with the same goal. They created their own combination of tools. No matter what your opinion is of what happened, it is an example of people engaging and uniting to accomplish a goal. Leaders, take note.

Have a Diverse Strategy

As your grandmother may have told you, “Don’t put all your eggs into one basket.” When it comes to having an effective online presence, a diverse strategy is key.

Using our GameStop example, Reddit is arguably where most of the organizing and communication happened. But the coordination did not stop there. It expanded beyond to other platforms, which ultimately catapulted the numbers of people involved to millions.

Chances are the scale of your operation is much smaller, but the takeaway is the same. Diversify your strategy with multiple methods. More specifically, in the case of digital communication, utilize multiple platforms that will help you accomplish your mission. And do not rely on the algorithm alone.

Audience is Important

When is the last time you stopped to think about who your main audience is? What about a potential new audience? Perhaps this seems a bit rudimentary, but it is worth going back to, especially regarding success online.

The big takeaway regarding your audience is understanding how they engage. If you know your audience’s capabilities and their willingness to engage, your results may be exponential. And who does not want exponential growth?

Multiply Effectively

Clearly, a solid multi-platform effort takes planning, coordination, and communication. There is no need to feel like a little guy fighting the big guys. NATIV3 is here to help.

As we have seen play out recently, well-executed coordination and strategy are powerful. Rather than risking coming up short on results, reach out to us. One of our digital experts will be happy to help you skyrocket–with long-lasting, positive growth. Avoid failure to deliver by getting started today.

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