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10 Digital Marketing Twitter Accounts You Should’ve Followed Already

10 Digital Marketing Twitter Accounts You Should’ve Followed Already

Digital marketing is difficult, but building up a network of experts and entrepreneurs makes it a whole lot easier. Twitter is the perfect platform to pseudo-stalk the best in the business and stay up-to-date with all the latest in digital marketing news.

Here are 10 of our favorite influencers (listed in no particular order) who are changing the face of the digital marketing Twitter niche:

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The Social Marketers- @TheSocialMs

This sibling duo are self-proclaimed “growth hackers” who have mastered the art of the sale. After experiencing the failure of their first business, they started from scratch and found success. Now, they tweet out great advice for crafting your own digital marketing plan, discovering your niche, and finding your groove.

Ryan Shelley- @ryan_shelley

Working from a viewpoint of empathy, Shelley and his inbound marketing team have cracked the code for forging strong, fruitful connections with your audience. They help design marketing campaigns that change businesses from the inside out and take the time to share those journeys with their 27.5k followers.

Ann Handley- @marketingprofs

Wall Street Journal bestselling author and all-around incredible digital marketer Ann Handley promotes a realistic and practical approach to the trade. In between actionable tips, incredible infographics, and promoting passionate marketing, Handley finds the time to retweet other thought-leaders in the field. She’s a one-stop shop for everything you need to up your marketing game.

Fresh Relevance- @freshrelevance

With an emphasis on boosting your ROI, Fresh Relevance teaches businesses how to combine the art of marketing and technology into a successful campaign. Their website and Twitter account features an impressive number of resources and think pieces on the world of modern marketing.

Scott Galloway- @profgalloway

Founder of research and insight group Gartner L2, New York University marketing professor, and author Scott Galloway assists clients like L’Oreal Paris and Clarins in their marketing efforts. Using proprietary monitoring tools and digital performance benchmarking insights, Galloway leads the pack in thoughtful, data-driven marketing.

Joy Hawkins- @joyannehawkins

Hawkins is a tenured expert in the field of local SEO. She thrives in the world of Google, with a passion for search engine ad management. If you’re still scratching your head at the idea of optimizing local advertising, or wondering why you should do it if you don’t have a brick and mortar store, Joy is a good place to start. She’ll spark within you a fire for intelligent advertising.

Bamboo- @growwithbamboo

Mobile marketing is the here and now. If you’re still dragging your feet on mobile optimization and marketing, Bamboo will change your mind. They help clients find growth through mobile transparent mobile marketing that evens the playing field for large and small clients alike. They’ve worked with big names like DropBox and Yelp, and can help bring the same success to your own business.

411 Locals- @411locals

411 locals combines huge marketing firepower with relatability and an obvious comfort on the internet. They proudly emphasize their passion for happy employees and happy clients, many of which are small- and medium-sized business across three continents. If you’re looking for fun, ingenious marketing firms, 411 Locals is a great fit for your feed.

SEW- @sewatch

Search Engine Watch offers courses, resources, and original content that explores all things SEO. Some of their coolest tools are beginners guides to SEO, PPC, and Google Analytics. They spend a lot of time researching the latest in search engine optimization news and compiling it into one convenient Twitter account. They are a must follow for anyone who understands the importance of SERP rankings and cracking the Google algorithm.

Danny Sullivan- @dannysullivan

Sullivan works as Google’s public search liaison, “helping people better understand search & Google better hear public feedback.” He offers followers fun, lighthearted musings on Game of Thrones, sci-fi, and travel, sprinkled between optimistic thoughts about the nature of search from both the customer and Google’s perspective. He’s a wonderful resource for truly understanding the nature of the beast (if SEO is the beast you’re trying to figure out).

Did we miss anyone? Who are your favorite digital marketing Twitter accounts?

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