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The Insider’s Guide to Web Design Awards

The Insider’s Guide to Web Design Awards

Like all great masterpieces, the art of web design is often awarded the opportunity to be reflected upon and recognized by industry leaders. As you search for a web design company that suits your needs, you may find that some boast pins and badges on their page that reflect their success. If you’re wondering what exactly your web design company has accomplished, here’s a sneak peek into the world of web design awards:

The Awwwards:

This panel of judges seek to “recognize the talent beyond the code” by awarding an annual prize to a web developer who demonstrates great skill in creating an inclusive, integrated web experience. According to their site, they focus on the talents it takes to balance beautiful design with functional coding.

Website of the Year, Presented by the CSS Design Awards:

This prestigious award honors freelance designers who push the envelope using CSS coding practices. Winners of this award must pass through a series of awards, including Website of the Day and Website of the Month, before being entered into the final judging.

The Webby Awards:

The Webby Awards are perhaps the best known presenter of web design awards. Their goal is to honor the talent and expertise behind every great webpage. They offer 7 categories of awards, including Websites, Film & Video, Advertising, Media & PR, Social, Mobile Sites & Apps, Games, and Podcasts & Digital Audio. Each of these Categories is further split into honors- The Webby Award and the People’s Voice Award. If your website designer has received a Webby, you are working with an industry leader in design and implementation of beautiful web content.

If your web design company hasn’t won any awards, fret not. There’s a wide world of website design aficionados who work without the recognition. If you’re wondering where to start once you’re ready to start the search for a web developer, don’t miss next week’s article! There, NATIV3 will share some insider secrets on finding a developer that will feel like a match made in heaven. In the meantime, give us a call to find out what NATIV3 can do for your business.

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