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Defining Your Niche Market Strategy with Finesse and Success

Defining Your Niche Market Strategy with Finesse and Success

Defining your niche market is not something that happens overnight, but it is something that can save you a lot of marketing efforts down the road. NATIV3 has talked often about the importance of marketing to the right people through the right avenues, and all of that starts with defining your niche.

First, you’ll need to recognize that the more targeted you can get your market, the more likely you are to see marketing success. There’s a big, wide world out there full of people who can be categorized according to interests and demographics. You can whittle down these markets until they are specifically created for your product.

It’s not enough to say that you want to market your new fishing boat to adult males, aged 35-50. You want to market your fishing boat to adult males, aged 35-50, who have previously owned a boat, who have their boating license, who live within 25 miles of a fishing area, and have expressed interest in making a big purchase in the last year.

Once you’ve targeted your strategy that deeply, you can stop spending money on direct mail marketing that goes to the Midwestern homes of 75 year old women and creating Instagram videos that show teenage boys hanging out on your boat. Those demographics are highly unlikely to purchase your product.

Instead, you can start airing commercials on the channels that your niche market watches, like the Fishing Channel or ESPN. You can direct mail market with target homes in mind. You can attend events that your niche is likely to attend. While gathering all of the information at the beginning might have been a hassle, you’ll be saving more time with a focused strategy that works, instead of a blanket strategy that didn’t.

NATIV3 can help you create a web marketing campaign that takes your niche marketing plans from a gamble to a calculated strategy. Any new marketing approach can feel like an investment, but we’ll make it one that pays off. Contact us to get started.

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