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Curating the Perfect Marketing Mix

Curating the Perfect Marketing Mix

Curating the Perfect Marketing Mix

Your marketing mix is the way that you choose to promote your brand. It involves carefully considering your “4 P’s” of marketing: product, promotion, price, and place. Curating your perfect marketing mix requires careful attention to both what your business is doing and what environment your business exists in. NATIV3 wants to help you create a plan for digital marketing that takes into account all of the nuances of web-based commerce.


What exactly are you selling? Whether it is a good or a service, your product has to stand out from the crowd. It’s a rare thing for an entirely new product to emerge, so your job is to convince your clients and customers that what you’re selling is better than any of the other things out there. Your product has to have a certain level of performance that makes it both profitable and satisfactory to those who purchase it.


How much are you selling your product for? This includes the oft-forgotten second part of that question: Why are you selling it for that much? If you haven’t spoken to a CPA or pricing professional, you may find yourself underselling or overselling your product. Pricing is a fickle beast that can be used to enhance the allure of your product and convince your customer that what you’re selling is a necessary good. It all depends on how well-thought-out your pricing strategy is.


Where are you selling your product? We’ve all heard the old mantra: location, location, location. It holds true. Depending on where you set up shop, place can have a major impact on your ability to sell. You’re going to have a hard time selling ice cream in the middle of Minnesota in the winter time, that’s obvious. But place goes much deeper than that. It’s about what your customers are willing to buy based on the products and goods surrounding your company, whether web-based or brick-and-mortar. Business owners pay a lot of money to establish a sense of place for their product and it requires some serious research and thought.


How are you getting the word out? This is where NATIV3 really steps in. We use a data-driven, well-researched mix of search engine optimized blog content, user-friendly sites, and social media presence to draw in the crowd. We want your customers to come for the aesthetics and interface, then stay for the product. Whether you’re selling seafood or synergy, we’ve got a marketing plan for your company. Get in touch to get a head start on promotion for 2018.

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