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Build Your Own Website: Is It Worth It?

Build Your Own Website: Is It Worth It?

It seems that 2017 is packed with ways to build your own website. If you’ve ever listened to a podcast or watched a video on YouTube, they are saturated with advertisements about how easy it is to become your own web designer, while juggling the work of being a business owner. NATIV3 wants to push back against that idea. There’s a reason that a market exists for professional web designers.

Building Your Own Website Takes Skill

Most web designer worth their salt spent time and money training to be as excellent as they are today. Think of it this way: As a small business owner, you likely consider yourself an expert in your field, whether that’s accounting, architecture, or anything in between. Would you feel comfortable setting up your clients with a web designer who has spent very little time studying your field? Probably not. For that same reason, you should give your clients the best that web design has to offer by hiring a professional.

It’s Time Intensive

Designing a single business website can take anywhere from 3-6 months and that’s an estimate for those who are already adept at the job. Imagine tacking on that many man hours dedicated to creating your business’ website, on top of running your own business. It can be overwhelming, inefficient, and you may find that the final product wasn’t worth the effort you put into it. Instead of dividing your time between two jobs by choosing to build your own website, give 100% to your business and let us handle the rest.

Data Analysis Plays a Major Role

Reaching the number of people that makes having a website worth the cost takes intensive data analysis. For example, each blog post needs to be search engine optimized, so that it is showing up on Google’s search results. This takes multiple steps:

  • Analyzing which keywords are being searched for using SEO tools
  • Turning those keywords into usable elements by reworking them
  • Creating 300-500 word posts that focus on a single word or phrase

Along with all that, the content has to be readable, interesting, and flawless in its grammar. NATIV3 can create all of the content for you and craft a corresponding social media strategy to go with the content..

It’s Harder to Do a Renovation Than Construction

Any architect will tell you: It’s often harder to work with the elements that are given to you than it is to start from scratch on a new project. Too often, web developers have clients that come to us with bits and pieces of an unsuccessful website and expect for the pieces to be put back together. This requires additional hours of work that wouldn’t have been necessary if the client had hired a web developer from the beginning. While most web designers are more than happy to work with what a client has already done, it does add more time to the period before your website is open to the public.

For business owners searching for a way to help their company grow, contact NATIV3. Our team of web developers can help your website dreams come to life, with no need to build your own website.

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