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Best Website Options for A Small Business

Best Website Options for A Small Business

Tired of dealing with website builders that promise to literally lure visitors to your page like those old cartoons where characters are tempted to a pie-laden window seal by a personified steam trail?

We understand. While drag-and-drop builders work for some situations, like working under a very tight budget or when your site needs are not extensive, they’re not ideal for business that are trying to stand out amongst the absolute ocean of nearly 1.2 billion websites that already exist. Because of their templatized format and lack of back-end editing access, it’s easy to accidentally end up with a website that looks generic and hastily made.

On the flip side, though, building a complete website from scratch from a developer is outside of the financial means of many small businesses, especially when they are just starting out. Entrepreneurs know that their investments must be chosen wisely, and the idea of getting your site up as quickly, inexpensively, and efficiently as possible is a tempting one.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the pressures of dealing with the need to stand out online on a budget that works with what your company is able to handle. That’s why we’ve created package options that are flexible and customized to fit exactly what you’re looking for. In the near future, we’ll be rolling out a new service for quick-build sites that combine the simplicity and affordability you need with the expertise that our professional web developers have to offer. It’s the best of both worlds, at least until you’re ready to roll out a more robust, customized build.

Not sure what to choose? We’ll break down the pros and cons of each option:

Fast, Easy, Affordable: Quick-Build Sites

When you need a simple website quickly, but don’t want to deal with generic templates and finicky platforms, NATIV3’s new option for a quick-build site is perfect. It creates the perfect foundation for building on later, once you’re ready for a full web build, and gets you in front of your audiences faster.


+ Affordable when compared to a full website build

+ Can be launched quickly, getting your products in front of audiences sooner rather than later

+ Clean, professional design backed by the digitally indigenous experts at NATIV3

+The support of our team during your initial design and launch


-Less customization and backend access than a full developer build

-Ongoing support is limited to maintain affordability

-Search engine rankings due to SEO integrations won’t be as comprehensive

-Less creative elements, graphic design options, and branding design

Robust, Comprehensive, Customized: Full Web Design

When you’re ready for insane, next level web design and development, we’ve got the skills to pay the bills. We’ve worked with dozens of clients to give them the websites that their business needs to thrive in a digital world full of interesting, engaging sites that are all working to climb the ranks within their industry!


+Huge number of customization options, branding specific design, and backend coding access to give you and your customers exactly what you need

+Thorough tech support before, during, and after launch

+Ongoing SEO services to help you climb to the top of the SERP and be seen by your demographics

+The end product is an invaluable brand asset that is going to serve your organization indefinitely into the future


-Requires a large budget, so it may not be an option for smaller businesses making investments in other areas

-Has a time commitment during the early stages, as we plan, draft, and design together with your company

-The overall product can take some time to complete, depending on the number of options and the level of skill required

No matter which option you choose, you can rest assured knowing that NATIV3 is putting their heart, soul, and knowledge into creating the best website for your needs. We are passionate about helping our clients navigate the digital landscape and find success in the world of ecommerce, digital marketing, and brand development.

We want to empower your brand by creating meaningful experiences that engage your users and push the boundaries of what creative website design can be. As natives of the digital era, we have helped usher in a new generation of interactive, purposeful encounters that bring your customers closer to your brand than they’ve ever been before.

UPDATE: Since the publication of this article, NATIV3 has been named one of the Top Digital Agencies by DesignRush. Contact us to get started today!

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