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The Best Search Engines for Niche Markets

The Best Search Engines for Niche Markets

Everyone’s heard of Google. Most of us think it’s one of the best search engines out there. Let’s just get that out of the way. This search engine is so popular, the act of using it has been turned into an official verb.

There’s no denying that this mega-engine is best for SEO services. When we’re talking about optimization, we frequently and specifically mention the requirements that Google dishes out for making it into their rankings.

But, as people who are passionate about understanding the marketing landscape, it must be acknowledged that other search engines are out there and are, in some capacity, being used for searches.

While it stands to reason that Google is going to remain in its #1 spot for a very long time, recognizing and possibly marketing for other search engines can help you reach new customer bases that you’ve never even thought of. This is especially true if you’re involved in a niche market.

Let’s break down some of the best niche search engines and what kinds of businesses might see the most value in appearing amongst their ranks.

1. Kiddle

Best for: Toy stores, children’s book publishers, online children’s game developers

If you’re in the children’s toys and media market, Kiddle is definitely something that you’ll want to consider. It takes traditional Google Safe Search results and ups the security with a customized list of keywords that is continually updated. The best part for your company, though, is that it features a hefty ad section at the top, where businesses can get their kid-friendly product listed.


2. Ecosia

Best for: Co-ops, farmers markets, organic brands

While anyone with a heart would appreciate Ecosia’s efforts, their unique approach to ad revenue might really appeal to your market if you’re involved in the sale of natural or organic products. Described as the “Search Engine with a Heart,” Ecosia donates 80% of their ad sales to planting trees in countries that would benefit the communities that live there, such as Peru and Ethiopia. The search results look similar to Google, with ads displayed proudly at the top.

3. Google Scholar

Best for: Science magazines, independent publishers, private researchers

While Google Scholar doesn’t offer much in terms of traditional advertisements, those who are hoping to be discovered for their research and writing are sure to be found through this database-type search engine. While still technically a part of the Google suite, it serves a unique function. When you type in a search term, it compiles a list of academic articles and researched information. Imagine JSTOR from college, but free and with a more diverse range of resources.

4. Bing

Best for: YouTubers, photographers, general marketers

Despite its status as the oft looked-over, annoying little brother of Google, Bing pulls in an impressive 21% of global searches. While that’s nothing compared to Google’s 76%, it’s certainly nothing to scoff at. One of Bing’s best features is their video feed. When you search a video, you can watch it right from the search results, without ever having to leave the page. Additionally, Bing offers interesting advertising, in which company’s name will appear as the first result when letters similar to that company’s name are typed.

Take your marketing further by making a presence on niche search engines that your demographic is using. This is only a small selection of search engines available online. Go where your customers are and create a major presence.

Nativ3 can help you be seen. You can find your products in the hearts and homes of more customers. It all starts with a beautiful website. We can get you there. Contact us now to get started and tame your digital landscape.

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