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Creating Advertiser Content for Your YouTube Channel and Social Media Accounts

Creating Advertiser Content for Your YouTube Channel and Social Media Accounts

Anyone who has watched YouTube or scrolled through Facebook has seen advertiser content that seems to relate directly to your interests. While it may seem like an uncanny coincidence, it’s actually an advertising tactic that yields excellent results.

Every time you see an ad pop up for something you were “just thinking about yesterday,” it’s because your interests and searches have been tracked, analyzed, and segmented into groups that receive a brand’s particular advertisements. If it works for them, it’s sure to work for you.

Commonly Rejected Advertiser Content

While this won’t be a problem for most business, sometimes we go for the shock factor without realizing the consequences. When you’re creating advertiser content, try to avoid:

1. Avoid Inappropriate Language:

Your business may be a little more loosey-goosey when it comes to language in the office, but tread lightly for advertising. While younger demographics may not be offended, older ones could find this unprofessional. If you’re marketing to a large range of ages, keep it clean.

2. Avoid Parodied Use of Beloved Characters:

While parody has its place, you have to be very careful when incorporating children’s characters into your advertiser content. Many, many children use YouTube to watch channels that are appropriate for the age group, but it’s not impossible that the algorithm misses your advertising if it contains a character commonly seen on children’s channels. Be very careful with this and if you are creating parody advertising, keep it clean.

3. Avoid Violence, Even if it’s Silly:

What you might find silly and fun, someone else might find offensive, especially in the wake of recent violent acts being committed across the United States. Stay tasteful and avoid imagery of violent acts being committed. Keep weapons at a minimum (unless you’re selling them). Sometimes use of weapons can put YouTube’s flag up and they won’t allow your ad to play before content.

4. Avoid Sensitive Topics:

Don’t fall into the trap that so many advertisers have of trying to oversimplify or find humor in tough topics. Avoid the use of sensitive material, like eating disorders, race, mental illness, and the like, to insert humor into your ads. It’s not likely that many will find it funny.

Hamburger ad with black backroung

It’s pretty obvious why this ad was pulled soon after publication. Avoid sensitive topics when creating your ad content.

Getting Your Advertiser Content Through the Gate

Convincing YouTube and Facebook to use your advertising content can seem like a hassle, but it really comes down to 3 guidelines:

1. Be Respectful

Put yourself into the shoes of the person who is going to see your ad content. Think about the life experiences that someone can go through. If you feel that it’s possible for your ad to offend, avoid it.

2. Optimize Correctly

Be sure that you’re creating great meta descriptions and optimizing your advertiser content, so that advertising algorithms can find your content. Tag it correctly and it’ll be picked up once it’s been segmented for the appropriate demographics.

3. Create Great Content

Right now, it might seem that we’re asking you to create “boring” content, but that’s not the case. You don’t have to use inappropriate language or humor to be engaging to your customers. Creating great content is about appealing to their interests and writing in the voice of the company.

In order to “convince” YouTube and Facebook (and other social media channels) to incorporate your ads into their community, your ads must be aligned to a specific set of standards and specifications that seek to make their viewers feel comfortable and safe about what they’re seeing.

If you get too risque, you’re risking being passed over by the content algorithm, which automates who makes it through and who doesn’t. Keeping your content clean is a dirty job, but someone has to do it. Following these tips will set you on the right path.

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