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4 Questions You Should Ask Your Web Development Agency

4 Questions You Should Ask Your Web Development Agency

Launching a website is a major step for any business owner, and those that want it done correctly are going to look towards a professional website developer to help them. Hiring a professional website developer that meets your needs and holds the same philosophy about what makes a website great can be hard to find. Here’s 4 questions that can help you narrow down your list of prospects:

1. How long has your team been working together?

While this isn’t an inherently bad thing if the team is relatively new, you can assume that a team that has been working together for a while will be able to cooperate better. It also means that they likely have a core system of technology and solutions that they access for website development. A team that’s been together for a long time will be more cohesive and have a better grasp on the available technology.

2. Do you offer mobile development?

If your web developer isn’t able to optimize your site for mobile, you need to avoid them. It sounds harsh, but more and more searches are being done on phones and tablets, while desktops are becoming more and more a thing of the past for the everyday consumer. If your site isn’t responsive on mobile, you’re missing out on an entire demographic of people who only use their mobile devices for internet access.

3. What is your design process?

Any professional website developer that is worth their fees is going to have a design process that they can present to their clients. This helps set the tone for how you will be working together, as well as a tentative timeline. If your developer can’t explain their process, they may not understand the process themselves, or they could be unwilling to make you an integral piece of the project. Either situation is bad news.

4. What happens when you’re done?

There’s not necessarily a right or wrong answer to this question, but the response will need to be appropriate for your needs. Some business owners prefer to have access to the files and codes necessary to continue ongoing maintenance after the initial development process, while others expect the developer to maintain the site. Obviously, it’s a matter of skill and budget, so find a developer that can do what’s best for you.

NATIV3 wants you to ask these questions, and more, as we begin our work together. Our process is transparent, so that you understand exactly what you’re getting and when. Contact us to get started on a new website for the New Year!

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