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3 Ways Facebook Business Suite Will Simplify Your Life

3 Ways Facebook Business Suite Will Simplify Your Life

Do you remember the elementary game of “musical chairs”? Everybody is moving in circles, suddenly the music stops, and everyone is trying to find a chair again? Is that how you feel every time Facebook releases a new feature or changes the layout? Or maybe you’re ready to dip your toe in the water and have decided that Facebook marketing makes sense for your business?

No need to panic, there are 3 ways Facebook’s new Business Suite will simplify your life.

Before we get to benefits, let’s talk for a minute about what led to the new interface. Facebook Business Suite, or more simply, Business Suite, is part of Facebook’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Facebook saw the opportunity to meet the emerging needs of small businesses during a global crisis. Business Suite is the result.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg announced the launch nothing, “We’re building Facebook Business Suite for small businesses first, but this is a long-term investment to make this the main interface for businesses of all sizes who use Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp. It is available for small businesses globally starting today [September 17, 2020] and will expand to larger businesses next year.”

Among the takeaways, is that Facebook is tuned into the needs of small business and have plans to expand services in greater ways in the future. No doubt, Business Suite is just another step toward small businesses achieving greater efficiency and results on social media platforms. We are all learning how to communicate in different ways and Business Suite helps facilitate business and customer connections during these difficult days.

So, what’s in it for you?

Unified Solution

Gone are the days of logging in and out of multiple profiles to manage your business accounts. Business Suite connects your Facebook Page and Instagram Profile in one unified spot that makes management easy.

From a management perspective, it’s important to note that that the Business Suite can be accessed via the desktop version or the app. A standalone Business Suite app has been launched. Existing Pages Manager App users will see an option to use the Business Suite App instead. It’s worth switching; trust us.

Centralized Data

Are you sick of multiple clicks to check all your notifications and message? Business Suite minimizes the clicks needed to stay current with your customers. All Facebook and Instagram messages, notifications, and alerts are centralized into one space making it easier to stay connected.

Everything is integrated in the new set-up. For example, in Business Suite, you may see a list showing 2 Instagram notifications, 1 Facebook message, and 4 Facebook notifications in one central location.

Clear Results

With Business Suite you will have an eagle eye on your insights. Business Suite provides a clear bird’s eye view of your analytics across platforms. These important changes help you have a clearer picture of your business faster and be more proactive in your decision making. Plus, it’s fun to see a snapshot of your growth without a headache.

Want Ultimate Simplification?

To be clear, Business Suite is specifically meant to help those who are managing pages and profiles. At this point, Business Suite is not the solution for those using Ads Manager. Unquestionably, Facebook is planning to rollout additional updates and integrations, but for the time being Business Suite is a step in the right direction to help weary small business owners.

Want to simplify your life even further and spend more time growing your business?

Get out of the weeds and reach out to the NATIV3 team on our 24/7 Digital Hotline.

We will strategize and create a plan that is tailored to your business. We are here to lighten your load.

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