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Health, wellness, and fitness are at the front of everyone’s minds lately, ours included! The industry has never been bigger and the internet is providing businesses with whole new ways of reaching, training, equipping, and nourishing their audiences.

But how can you stand out in such a crowded field? How can you ensure your product is the elite experience people have come to expect?

That’s where we can help. At NATIV3, our team’s dedication to their personal health gives us expert insight into the industry. We’re putting to work the latest and greatest in web development and design as well as cutting-edge marketing technology to provide our clients with results.

We offer high-end services in website and app design, sales lead and donation generation, and strategic messaging and content creation, and have repeated examples of partnering successfully with healthy food groups, athletic programs, medical organizations, and doctors to maximize their reach and bring their digital presence up-to-date (check out below!)

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Check Our Work

We work with Health and Wellness businesses and organizations. But we don’t stop there. Check out some of our case studies below.


Klodas Medical Aesthetics

Klodas Medical Aesthetics is a family-owned skin health and repair clinic based on Toronto, Canada. Being in the beauty industry, they were concerned that their website no longer conveyed their brand's elegance and appeal. In their partnership with NATIV3, we launched an entire update to the look and feel of the website, modernizing the appearance along with improving the conversion flow and organizing the pages to be less cluttered and more intuitive.

Screen Shot 2021-03-11 at 12.18.33 PM

Step One Foods

Step One Foods was created by medical professionals in cardiac medicine who saw how limited the options were for people with high cholesterol if they wanted to try dietary improvements before getting on medication. With this market gap in mind, they launched a robust list of snack options that directly improved cholesterol. They partnered with NATIV3 to expand their sales through Facebook and Amazon marketing, plus the development of asset campaigns and improved targeting. These campaigns were a major success, hitting a 5:1 ROI highwater mark.


Bold Base Performance

Bold Base Performance's revolutionary ideas for training athletes with asthma were all cultivated into ONE online course - they just needed some way to get the word out. NATIV3 found a way, using social media marketing and a massive campaign of gorgeous ads to saturate BBP's preferred audiences with awareness and lead gen. Also included was a total overhaul of their existing lead development automations, improved tracking, improved product security, and a more winsome design and checkout process.