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Project Description

The Client Goal

The founding group of BirdDog came to Nativ3 with a remarkable idea: revolutionize the way Sales Professionals refer each other leads across their industries. Their contention: As a sales professional, you’ve become groomed to tell your story well, build value with your prospective client, and close the deal! But half the battle is finding the right person who needs what you provide at the right time. Sales people struggle with this constantly. Nativ3’s solution was to build a digital platform for them to help bridge that gap. This application would link hard-working, competitive sales representatives and business owners to an active community who’d want to “share in the spoils” if their referred lead becomes closed business. The online platform would unite referrers, buyers, and business decision makers with active sales professionals who are willing to split a percentage of their sales commission or net profit with those who provide qualified leads. It’d give outbound sales professionals, regardless of industry, access to a new, large network. Nativ3 had a tall task of making this happen, but its market implications were tempting enough to get us to jump!

How Nativ3 Blazed the Trail

Nativ3 identified very early on that this online platform would need to house a ton of data and a ton of unique search engine features. To get this application done on time and on budget, it would need to be custom coded in ASP. We met several times to discuss the implications of each user group using the application, the mix of factors that would have to be accounted for in the lead-finding process, and how referrers and sales people would ultimately close the deal within their user group type.

How BirdDog Reached their Destination

BirdDog launched in January, which met our timeline. The search engine functioned seamlessly and the founders began putting in the hands of sales professionals. Like many applications, we’re excited to monitor user success and grow the application’s functionality based on analytical user data and creative strategy.