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Project Description

The Client Goal

After creating Max’s campaign website, he needed an 8-month plan to increase his visibility and name recognition online. Beyond canvassing, direct mailers, and other intensive marketing efforts that a campaign requires, Max’s digital presence needed to be exceptional if he was to carve into the lead of an entrenched House of Representatives candidate. Nativ3 had some ideas.

How Nativ3 Blazed the Trail

Taking the time to do both comprehensive keyword research, audience analysis, content opportunities, and campaign high points were all going to be critical to the long-term success of Max Rymer’s house campaign. Nativ3 had to do its homework to ensure dollars were being spent appropriately, effort was being maximized, and we were complimenting Max’s real-world initiatives as every turn. This digital marketing strategy would include email marketing, video marketing through his “Maxplain the Issues” initiative, search engine optimization, content publication, and pay per click advertising. The marketing mix in this circumstance would be immense.

How the Max for House team Reached their Destination

By election day, our comprehensive digital marketing campaign had garnered well over 4,000,000 impressions within a voter pool of 40,000 people. This was a remarkable success for Max’s campaign. Our social media campaign was recognized state wide, our efficient pay-per click marketing was outpacing national candidates, and are overall inbound strategy took Max from a virtual political unknown to “Race to Watch” status by election day. In total, we can roughly translate the digital marketing campaign Nativ3 employed to directly swaying 3,500 voters within this local house race.