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Project Description

The Client Goal

Connected Families is a non-profit, Christian parenting organization based in Chaska, Minnesota. According to their mission, Connected Families exists to bring uncommon grace and truth to those parents longing for more than simple answers and quick fixes. Qualifying for the Google Grants advertising program, Connected Families approached Nativ3 to help manage their campaign, maximize their exposure, and attract parents to a new form of coaching and consulting that they provide.

How Nativ3 Blazed the Trail

Utilizing the paid Google Grants program, Nativ3 did a comprehensive design of all text ads within Connected Families program, set up remarketing cookies for each specific section of their website, built out mobile responsive landing pages, and corrected paid citations that may otherwise affect their campaign. Great results ensued.

How Connected Families Reached their Destination

Within 6 months of their campaign, Connected Families saw a 200% increase to relevant traffic to their website and content. The campaign averaged 10,000 new monthly users and Connected Families saw a boon of new enrollments because of the campaign that Nativ3 created, managed, and optimized.