Project Description

The Client Goal

Display Sales is an experience creation company specializing in custom street banners, Christmas street decor, flags, and premium promotional products to help personalize and convey business’s brands or events. They are based in Bloomington, Minnesota. Display Sales primarily drove their sales through traditional means of business. With the meteoric rise of ecommerce, they saw an opportunity to not only redesign their website – but drive sales directly through it as a platform. Jon utilized his experience with Ecommerce websites to step in and help.

Our Role in the Project

Jon led the team to overhaul the Display Sales website, create an online catalog of over 3,000 products, and refresh their online look. The process began by not only looking at their other marketing efforts to compliment them, but also investigating their infrastructure as  a company – from shipping rates to order execution and beyond. In order to create a seamless ecommerce experience, the website needed to tie into other company processes. Jon took the time to ensure that it did.

How Display Sales Reached their Destination

Display Sales launched their new website with a new proposed logo, color scheme, product line, and company processes that were unearthed by our website development discovery process. Within the first 3 months, over $30,000 worth of transactions ran through the new website alone.