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Project Description

The Client Goal

Dollars & Sense is a Minnesota based coupon advertising company. Upon completion of their digital coupon consumer product, D&S was very pleased to return to Nativ3 to commission the build of their website. They wanted a website with a purpose; they wanted to create a lead-driving mechanism online to both help sell advertising space and attract consumer engagement. Nativ3 had to develop a strategy that solved all those needs through our digital marketing process.

How Nativ3 Blazed the Trail

Starting with a blank slate, Nativ3 worked with key stakeholders at Dollars & Sense to create a design that worked well with the company’s current brand and marketing strategy. The first point in that strategy included actually redeveloping Dollars & Sense’s brand to better communicate the digital product: thus MN.Coupons was created. Nativ3 undertook the brand standards, name change, and logo creation in this process. Nativ3 then planned and executed a comprehensive paid search and social media campaign to drive new advertisers and new customers for the coupons.

How Dollars & Sense Reached their Destination

Within a month of Nativ3 spearheading this project, Dollars and Sense immediately began receiving leads through the site, and saw a 300% increase in social media following, and amazing leverage for Dollars and Sense to approach their customers about new digital opportunities. Dollars and Sense began to sell ad space on the website and turned their digital presence into a revenue-driving mechanism. To this day, Dollars and Sense is an ecstatic Nativ3 client.