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Project Description

The Client Goal

Listen, all political candidate websites look the same. You have the same power structure companies that seem to have cornered the market on making websites for political candidates. And they. Are. All. Really. Bad. Max Rymer, who is also the CEO at Nativ3, decided to run for Minnesota State House of Representatives in District 49B – Bloomington and Edina. His goal was to create a custom, unique website, logo and brand, to reflect a unique candidate. Max was approached by several of these politic-specific website companies that give you the same “red and blue” color scheme, throw you in a template, and charge you $300 per month to keep the site. Being a development professional, he refused and utilized Nativ3 to build him a custom digital asset.

How Nativ3 Blazed the Trail

In order to have a completely-different political website, Nativ3 had to develop a brand and logo that that reflected a unique campaign. These elements would have to bleed into the website without being tacky or false. Beyond that, we needed to rapidly increase search rankings on the site to get recognition prior to the election, showcase Max’s family and business credentials through good content, and build out a donation and volunteer portal to help facilitate the absolutely necessities which drive local campaigns.

How Max Reached his Destination

Though Max did not win his election, his website garnered over 2,000,000 impressions in a district that contained 35,000 voters. This was far and away the greatest digital presence a local candidate had ever had in Minnesota. Demographic data showed that Max outperformed the top of the presidential ticket by over 30% with millennials in the district. The biggest reason for this was a custom designed and professionally-implemented website amongst a swath of templated, stale political websites. Video content, blog content, conversion opportunities and traffic were all top notch for this local election. Nativ3 helps craft beautiful, custom websites for political campaigns. Because you’re different.