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Since the invention of the printing press, has there been a more powerful tool for spreading the Gospel than the internet? At Nativ3, we’re pushing back against the stereotype that Christians are digitally illiterate or behind the times. We’re putting to work the latest and greatest in web development and design as well as cutting-edge marketing technology to provide our clients with results. 

We offer high-end services in website and app design, sales lead and donation generation, and strategic messaging and content creation, and have repeated examples of partnering successfully with churches and faith-based organizations to maximize their reach and bring their digital presence up-to-date (check out below!)

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With nearly two decades of experience, we provide custom solutions that help expand the ministry of Christ and His followers. From designing websites to marketing on social media, let us help you.


Charis Prison Ministry

Charis Prison Ministry approached us with a desire to rejuvenate their website which hadn't been updated in several years and was in need of both a logistical and aesthetic overhaul. With an emphasis on ease of navigation and highlighting their emotionally-compelling mission and content, their new site is already having an impact.


North Bay Community Curch

North Bay Community Church had heard about our excellent work building websites for churches, and wanted to spruce up their outdated websites. Nativ3 emphasized compelling design and installed a number of custom features to help this church meet its needs.



TENTMAKERS works to train people in being exceptional witnesses for Christ in their daily life, and they have multiple programs to advertise. We partnered with them in overhauling their automated communications, auditing their existing contacts, list building, program promotion, donation campaigns, and improving their newsletter, as well as slight improvements to the existing website.