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The Client Goal

Northern Scientific approached Nativ3 to help develop a plan that targeted providers and utilize social media marketing to sell more high-dollar medical equipment. The plan would have to be intricate, involve remarketing efforts, and capture people who were ready to buy and had the ability to make such decisions.

How Nativ3 Blazed the Trail

Nativ3 put together a comprehensive targeted social media and digital display marketing plan, which were oriented towards conversions. The high-dollar medical tables and equipment were to expensive to buy online without consultation. That meant, no matter what our plan was, it needed to execute to a conversion form or phone call. From there, Nativ3 would utilize multi-touchpoint attribution to gauge how much each piece of equipment closed for. The marketing mix would include targeted LinkedIn campaigns, paid Facebook advertising, and Google Display remarketing campaigns.

The Results

After an initial six-month long campaign, Northern Scientific saw a dramatic increase in inquiries. For tables that went for 4-to-5 figures, Nativ3’s campaign averaged $13 per lead! Over the course of time, Northern Scientific achieved a positive return on investment and made digital a long-term part of their marketing mix.

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I worked with Jon and his team at Nativ3 on a project to design a scheduling website for our volunteer program at Ronald McDonald House Charities of Greater Washington DC. Jon was professional and collaborative throughout the entire process. I couldn't be happier with the end result. It has already made a huge impact on our ability to meet the needs of volunteers as well as the families we serve.

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